Néomouv, Bicycle manufacturer of electric assist, entrusts Mano to rejuvenate its range of bikes.

The agency has recommanded then created for Néomouv a vintage bike model. Its design has been refering to yesterday bikes (creamy color wheels, stainless steel mudguards, leather hand grips and saddle) while its graphics was enhancing the brand with a ton on ton set and material effects on the bike frame. The Neomouv signing has been reworked and now includes lightning on the "e" to valorize the brand. The goal with this new model was to retain the existing customers and to capture new ones looking for the latest developments.

The agency has reworked the visual identity of each bike: color code, marking and customization. As a result, the wide range of 17 models has been completely updated, ready to invade France through its 250 shops. To support the relaunch, Mano has created a new brand catalog. Special attention has been given to handwritten typography, drawing and handmade blazon... the Mano way !.