Every consultant at Mano considers creative challenges and exciting design as a whole, either through strategy, brand identity, commercial architecture, digital tools or communication...

Mano positive design strategy.


We provide a global approach whatever your project and enrich it with all the dimensions of the company. Reflecting on every issue - branding, digital or architecture - with you, immersing ourselves in your world, feeding on your history in order to go even further and bring you the most relevant solution

  • Brand, digital landscape and network audit
  • Benchmark
  • Trend watch
  • Qualitative and quantitative studies
  • Brainstorming et creative workshops
  • Recommendations


Each brand is unique. It has its own history, its own positioning, its own ambition. Our objective is to assist you in defining your strategy by sharing with you our own experience in order to break codes, to surprise, to think beyond convention and to reveal opportunities for business development often unexpected.

Head of Strategy and Development

Laurie Verhaeghen


Design digital as an experience enhancer. Integrate it today, and even more tomorrow, into each of our reflections at the service of your brand to develop the relationship with your customers. 

  • Website & apps
  • e-commerce website
  • Digital campagne
  • Connected objects
  • In-store interactions


Because our world is continuously more connected and each of our skills must also be part of the digital world, we wanted to have a great expertise in this field to nourish and enrich all reflections by providing relevant and efficient answers to our customers.

Head of Digital

Nicolas Paris


The brand is a precious asset to be valued and to be adapted over time. It represents a form of language through image which expresses the values ​​of the company and which develops on each of the applications.

It contributes to the affirmation of the identity of the company it represents.

  • Visual identity
  • Brand platform and brand territory
  • Naming
  • Brand architecture
  • Corporate or commercial applications, events
  • Institutional editions and products / services
  • Graphic charter


We must build it carefully, maintaining the brand's DNA and personality, in a spirit of coherence, but without putting a limit to creativity so that all elements can come together to participate in the brand image and identity.


Le concept arrêté, il s’agit de le mettre en œuvre sur chacun de vos espaces dans un souci de pragmatisme et d’efficacité.

Nous vous accompagnons dans toutes les étapes pour apporter la réponse la plus juste, en fonction du contexte.

  • Déploiement de concept de point de vente et de signalétique
  • Définition des process d’industrialisation
  • Accompagnement de la maitrise d’ouvrage
  • Maitrise d’œuvre
  • Etudes d’implantation
  • Guide d’application et livre de normes


Notre expertise de plus de 25 ans dans le domaine de l’architecture, la solidité de nos références nous permettent de vous assister dans la mise en œuvre de vos concepts tant dans le domaine de l’organisation, des études et de la maitrise d’œuvre dans le respect des réglementations : droit du travail, PMR, HQE.

Architect Consultant

Philippe Legaret


We are confident that design can change the game. It makes it possible to highlight the asperity of a brand to make it emerge in a competitive world.  

It is the guiding theme of our everyday life in order to think out of the box and to make your employees and your clients live the creation.

  • Retail design
  • Merchandising and customer journey
  • Tertiary spaces
  • Pop-up, booth
  • Custom furniture, ergonomics
  • Teaching and Signage Objects
  • Branded items
  • Packaging and product design


Each of our creations has as its essence the seek for innovation while preserving the positioning and the strategy of your company. At its level, it will contribute to the pride of belonging for all your teams and the adhesion of your customers to your values ​​and their translation.

Head of Design

Sylvie Lamballe